Sparks of Imagination

“umm… hi, can you please tell me where H3-25 is?” I asked the girls sitting behind the ASK ME desk. One of them said “ohh! It’s right there! Behind this booth… you’ll find it in a minute”

Thank you.” I said with a smile as I looked at my friend and we gave each other the we’ve been just there look.. “let’s take another around.. maybe we missed it” said my friend with hope in her eyes. Honestly, at that point I knew one thing for sure it is going to be right in front of our eyes but we won’t see it.

We walked around the booths again. Looking at the numbers and everything, only to return to the same spot we started walking from. “Can one of the girls just walk us to the booth?” I said as I have lost hope and my legs started saying girl, stop.

Here is it!” Said my friend excitedly.


“Right here! Where the girl told us it would be.”

I lifted my face up and I saw it… H3-25! We both ran to it and I started looking around the booth… could it be inside the booth? Outside? On the shelf? Should I ask the man?

And there it was… I saw it. It was there in between of other books.. I grabbed it… touched it and I felt happy that I’ve finally accomplished my mission… I handed it to the man and said “can I have this one, please?” He nodded and talked to the other man who I didn’t see because of my excitement. The other man took a plastic bag and put it inside..

35.” He said. To be honest, I don’t remember his emotions, because I was too happy… I finally got it!

And done. It’s mine now. I have it with me… the book I’ve been seeing on Instagram, is now inside the plastic bag… safe. Ready to unleash its magical words into my heart and brain.

Sparks of Imagination the title. Kummam AlMaadeed the author. And, Khadija the reader.

12 flash fictions, one short story and writing tips. This small book has awaken my asleep creative-self… This book is a MUST READ! Also, it’s very unique, I’ve personally never read a book in this style and I loved it!

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