a cold cozy monday

It’s day one of Spring 2020 (for me), I wanted to write something beautiful to remember it. So, I tried to be a little poetic with it. I wrote this piece while I was in the bus:

The sights are different now. People covered in big jackets trying to keep themselves warm… the girls in the bus are sleepy and probably daydreaming. The window-seat, oh my favorite seat. I see people, each has a different story. The birds are singing and the clouds are dancing, in their light pink dress. The traffic lights are reminding us to take a break but also to keep going on. There are tall empty buildings that are ready to welcome new faces and witness events. Some houses have flowers planted nearby. The construction sights makes me wonder… what the mankind has decided to build here?

Also, I took a couple of pictures at the uni. Here are some of my faves (I added some vintage-y vibe to it)

I borrowed 4 books [one is not pictured, it’s a book full of poems] – I’m so excited to read all of them! I hope that you all had a very blessed Monday and I wish you all a very productive week ahead.

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