black&white films

The weather has been really lovely the past couple of days. The sounds of the rain and it’s smell… what else does a person need? A good film! I’ve listed my favorite black&white films, so you can also enjoy watching them in this beautiful beautiful weather.

bunny lake is missing

Genre: Mystery/Crime

Ann Lake lodges a complaint of her 4-year old missing daughter. When the police investigate, they conclude that her daughter never existed and question Ann’s sanity.


Genre: Comdey/Drama

Chauffeur’s daughter Sabrina returns home from two years in Paris a beautiful young woman, and immediately catches the attention of David, the playboy son of her father’s rich employers. David woos and wins Sabrina, who has always been in love with him, however their romance is threatened by David’s serious older brother, Linus, who runs the family business and is relying on David to marry an heiress in order for a crucial merger to take place.

roman holiday

Genre: Drama/Romance

Stuck with boredom in her luxurious confinement, a princess escapes from her guardians and falls in love with an American news reporter in Rome.

Do you have any other suggestions? Yes? Then, please let me know. Have a lovely day! (and enjoy this beautiful weather) XO

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